Africa's Super Computer

Building Africa's distributed financial infrastructure powering trade through payments, logistics and other digital services


It's time for the African Continent to move into the future of technology with a secure global network centered across Africa to provide access to all.


Leap-frogging existing networks with advanced cryptography and high speed capabilities.


The KOY Network will offer both legal compliance in the nations where it operates and world standards organizations compliance with its technologies.


Cutting edge networks carry not only information but increasingly value as well. The KOY Network will offer a range of game-changing value services.

Why the KOY Network?

A distributed ledger system designed to support smartphone apps serving Africa and its diaspora situated across the globe

The KOY Network is Freedom

Unlock the full potential of WEB3

Bring everyday services to the fingertips

Leverage WEB3 to augment new fintech & IoT

Your smartphone, your way

Powered by KOY Network

Imagine an Africa running on a computer system with perfect accountability, security and performance. A system that exceeds that of any other continent. Now join us in making that a reality.

Africa needs the KOY Network

The 21st Century runs on networks that must be fast, secure and accessible. Africa lacks a bespoke value network to connect its people, organizations and countries with the instant, seamless connections needed to work at the speed of modern business.

Your funds, identity-based services, travel, medical records, proof of employment, and much more can be under your secure control every hour of every day making your everyday life more convenient and efficient.

The KOY Network will meet this need for Africa.

The KOY Network is African

The KOY Network and You

From Kenya to Nigeria to Zambia and everywhere else on the continent, KOY Network will bring affordable, rapid access to redefine business, government and daily life.